Quantum Devices

In the winter term, we are offering a lecture series on current trends in “Quantum Devices”, which are taking advantage of spin transport, many-body correlations, and topological phenomena.

The lectures will discuss the theoretical underpinnings of these concepts, experimental aspects such as top-down and bottom-up nanostructuring of complex materials, and emerging synergies with related fields such as solid-state ionics and quantum technology.

Specific topics to be discussed include spin-orbitronics, topological transport, skyrmionics, superconducting spintronics, magnonics, nanowires and nanotubes, 2D materials and twistronics, solid-state qubits, and solid-state quantum sensors.


Date Title Speaker Lecture Notes/Slides
21.01.2022 Quantum Devices – Introduction Prof. J. Mannhart, MPI FKF, Stuttgart Notes Part 1
28.01.2022 Oxide Electronics Prof. J. Mannhart, MPI FKF, Stuttgart Notes Part 2
04.02.2022 no lecture ---
11.02.2022     Non-local transport in ultra-pure metal oxides Prof. A. Mackenzie, MPI CPfS, Dresden Notes
18.02.2022 Microstructured quantum materials Prof. P. J. W. Moll, MPSD, Hamburg
25.02.2022 Topological quantum materials and devices Dr. Niels Schröter, MPI Halle
04.03.2022 Spintronics Prof. S. P. P. Parkin, MPI Halle
11.03.2022 no lecture
18.03.2022 Nonunitary Quantum Electronics Prof. J. Mannhart, MPI FKF, Stuttgart Notes
25.03.2022 Quantum devices based on NV centers in diamond Prof. J. Wrachtrup, University of Stuttgart
01.04.2022 Hybrid superconducting quantum circuits Dr. Uri Vool, MPI CPfS Dresden
08.04.2022 Quantum Hall Effect- Physics and Application Prof. Klaus v. Klitzing , MPI FKF Stuttgart
15.04.2022 no lecture
22.04.2022 Basics and perspectives of epitaxial approaches for semiconductor quantum materials --- postponed
Prof. Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, EPFL Lausanne

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