Gunda Kipp

MPI for the Structure and Dynamic of Matter, Hamburg
I’m investigating the near-field terahertz electrodynamics of graphene heterostructures

  • Nationality: German
  • BSc (University of Hamburg, 2018)
  • MSc (University of Hamburg, 2019)
  • Supervisor: James McIver
  • Start of PhD Thesis:  01.02.2020
  • Title of Project: On-chip THz spectroscopy on gate-tunable graphene heterostructures

Thesis Abstract:
This thesis reports on the terahertz electrodynamics of gate-tunable graphene heterostructures. Measurements are performed using on-chip THz spectroscopy, a near-field technique that can operate on microscopic heterostructures that are orders of magnitude smaller than the diffraction limit. The main goal is to characterize the dynamics of emergent quantum phases in moiré superlattices that appear on the THz energy scale.

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