Excellence in quantum materials

A mission statement for the Graduate Center

The term “quantum materials” is shorthand for a rapidly evolving research frontier that aims to understand, control, and ultimately design materials in which quantum physics enables novel functionalities. Recent developments include the discovery of novel phenomena resulting from the topology of the electron wavefunction in solids, the dynamical control of many-electron states (such as superconductivity) by coherent light fields, and the synthesis of heterostructures and devices comprising atomically sharp interfaces between different quantum materials. Based on these and other developments, there is no doubt that quantum materials will remain at the frontier of solid-state research for at least the next generation of scientists.

The scale and prominence of the research effort on quantum materials within the Max Planck Society substantially exceeds those of any single competing institution. Several Max Planck Institutes all across Germany contribute to the overall research activities in this very intriguing field, and the Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials builds on the complementary research activities at the participating institutes. More specifically, we choose a strategy which will lead to strong synergy effects: the activities of the center will primarily allow students to experience every aspect of world-class research in a highly competitive field and - in a more general sense - also strenghten the existing bonds and collaborations, thus driving the field as such into the future.

In order to maintain the leading role of the Max Planck Society in the field of quantum materials, we are looking for excellent students in relevant research fields such as physics, chemistry and material sciences. Students in our Graduate Center will benefit from a variety of graduate courses taught by world-leading experts at all participating institutions, and at the same time will actively pursue research projects at the very forefront of the field of quantum materials. This ambitious approach will provide our student not only with comprehensive training, but also offer them a unique opportunity to kickstart a successful career.

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