Xiao Wang

University of Oxford
I am engaged in a joint PhD program between Oxford and MPSD, the project merges the boundary between cavity QED and condensed matter physics.

  • Nationality: China
  • BSc (Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2019)
  • Supervisor: D. Jaksch
  • Start of PhD Thesis: 01.10.2019
  • Title of Project: Quantum Materials in Optical Cavities

Thesis Abstract: Controlling strongly correlated materials is a challenging and fruitful task in condensed matter physics, by which room temperature superconductivity may be implemented. With the development of Terahertz optical cavities that interacts with the intracavity material in ultra-strong coupling regime, the cavity-controlled quantum material becomes a timely topic both theoretically and experimentally. Following previous theoretical and numerical works, I am working on the experimentally viable methods to magnify the control effect on the materials given by the cavity vacuum.

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