Xinyu Li

MPI for the Structure and Dynamic of Matter, Hamburg
I am attracted by light-material interaction and novel phenomena in two-dimensional systems.

  • Nationality: China
  • BSc(ShanghaiTech University 2021)
  • Supervisor: James McIver, MPSD Hamburg
  • Start of PhD Thesis: 01.10.2021
  • Title of Project: Terahertz electrodynamics of multilayer graphene moiré superlattice

Thesis Abstract: The thesis is about to use on-chip THz spectroscopy to measure the electrodynamics of rhombohedral multilayer graphene heterostructure with a moiré superlattice. The spectroscopy can provide information on the microscopic interactions driving the unique material properties of this system, and give some insights of novel phenomena like the origin of superconductivity.

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