Danica Pavicevic

MPI for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg
I am interested in multi-dimensional spectroscopic techniques in the THz frequency range in complex solids.

  • Nationality: Montenegrin
  • BSc (Leipzig University – 2018), MSc (Leipzig University -2021)
  • Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Cavalleri
  • Start of PhD Thesis:  01.10.2021
  • Title of Project: 2D THz spectroscopy of complex solids

Thesis Abstract: Irradiation with light can be utilized to induce a change of macroscopic properties of the system on ultrafast timescales. In particular, THz frequency range contains spectroscopic signatures of interesting collective excitations in quantum materials, such as optical phonons and Josephson plasmon excitations in cuprate superconductors. Two -dimensional  THz spectroscopy technique offers frequency correlation spectrum information from which both equilibrium and light-induced states could be studied.

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