Yung-Cheng Li

MPI of Microstructure Physics, Halle
Switching from materials scientist to experimental condensed matter physicist in MPI Halle, I am interested in exploring and understanding the new magnetic and electronic properties in heterostructure devices to create a new path for spintronic research and application.

  • Nationality: Taiwan
  • B.Sc Materials Science and Engineering (National Tsing Hua University, 2020)
  • M.Sc Materials Science and Engineering (National Taiwan University, 2022)
  • Supervisor: Stuart Parkin
  • Start of PhD Thesis: 01.09.2023
  • Title of Project: Magnetic Dynamics in Next Generation Devices


Thesis Abstract: The research mainly focuses on the high frequency transport and optical measurements for multi magnetic domains interaction in racetrack memories with chiral exchange and spin orbit coupling. The main aim is to develop spintronic devices for novel functions such as neuromorphic computing via efficiently manipulating magnetism through unconventional spin from emergent materials integrated multilayers and geometry design.

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