Tim Priessnitz

MPI for Solid State Research, Stuttgart

  • Nationality: German
  • BSc (University of Stuttgart, 2020) MSc (University of Stuttgart, 2023)
  • Supervisor: Bernhard Keimer (MPI FKF, Stuttgart), and Andrea Cavalleri (MPSD, Hamburg)
  • Start of PhD Thesis: 01.06.2023
  • Title of Project: THz Studies and Control of Magnons in Antiferromagnetic Materials
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Thesis Abstract:

Within my thesis, I want to explore and manipulate magnons in antiferromagnetic materials. In order to accomplish this, I plan to employ multiple spectroscopic techniques, including Brillouin and Raman spectroscopy, (time resolved) THz spectroscopy and various pump-probe techniques. Moreover, I want to investigate the impact of dynamic strain to unravel the intricate behavior of magnons. By integrating these techniques, I aim to uncover new insights into the fundamental properties of antiferromagnetic materials.

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