In addition to the comprehensive coursework, the Graduate Center also intends to offer a variety of events to its students, ranging from regular seminars to summer and winter schools. On this page, we list all events which are relevant to students at the Graduate Center. These events will either be organized by the Center as such, at the participating institutions, or by the respective IMPRS programs.

In the summer semester 2020, the MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden offers a comprehensive course on Materials and Topology which is specifically targeted at PhD students and other junior researchers. Lectures will be given by several PIs of IMPRS-CPQM working in the field of topological materials, including Claudia Felser, the director of the Department for Solid-State Chemistry, and Max Planck Research Group leader Johannes Gooth.

All lectures are digitally recorded and will be made available online to participants as a video stream throughout the whole semester.

Details about the individual lectures will be announced here

24 April General introduction to topological systems (Claudia Felser)
01 May no lecture (public holiday)
08 May Crystal structure and band structure (Claudia Felser)
15 May Crystal synthesis (Chandra Shekhar)
22 May Calculation of topological invariants - part I (Yan Sun)
29 May Calculation of topological invariants - part II (Yan Sun)
05 June Linear response in topological materials (Yan Sun)
12 June Electric Transport I Experiments (Chandra Shekhar)
19 June Electron Transport II (Johannes Gooth)
26 June Table-top experiments for high-energy physics (Johannes Gooth)
03 July  Magnetic topological materials (Jacob Gayles/Kaustuv Manna/Claudia Felser)
10 July Nernst Effect, Seebeck and thermal transport (Satya Narayan Guin/Chenguang Fu)
17 July Catalysis and topology (Nitesh Kumar/Guowei Li/Claudia Felser)

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