1. Before Applying

1.1  What kind of academic degree do I need to apply to the Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials?
Highly motivated students holding a Master's degree in physics, chemistry, mathematics or computer science with focus on quantum materials can be directly admitted to the PhD program as well as exceptional students with a Honors BSc degree (4 or 5 years of study). Please follow the instructions for the application.

1.2 I haven't completed my current degree yet, but intend to do so within the next few months. Can I already apply?
You can already submit your application before you have completed your degree. It is important, however, that you will complete your degree before joining our program.
If you decide to apply before having completed your degree, please provide meaningful information about the program you are attending. For example, you can send us a preliminary transcript which includes all courses and grades up to the date of your application. If your university does not provide such information, please include an overview of all courses and grades and the GPA for all terms you have completed so far.

1.3 I am already a PhD student / have a PhD title. Can I still apply?
No, you are not eligible for our program.

1.4 I have a great idea for a research project I would like to pursue. Can I submit my own proposal as part of my application?
We indeed expect our students to be innovative and creative regarding the pursuit of their research projects and thus appreciate applicants who can develop own ideas. That being said, please do not submit your own research propsal with your application. We will discuss suitable scientific projects with you if we choose to invite you for our selection symposium.

1.5 Whom should I list as referees in my application?
Basically, this is completely up to you. We recommend, however, that you pick senior scientists, e.g. PIs or group leaders, with whom you have worked for an extended period of time, and who thus can provide a meaningful assessment of your skills. For example, the supervisor of your thesis would be a good choice.

1.6 I don't have a degree in Physics, Chemistry or Material Sciences. Can I also apply with a non-standard scientific background?
Joining our program with a non-standard background might pose some challenges. If you don't shy away from those challenges and feel that your scientific experience might fit into the scope of our research activities, you are more than welcome to submit your application. If you have questions whether your degree is sufficient for admission, please don't hesitate to contact us before preparing your application.

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